He Gives More Grace

James 4:6a ~ But he gives us more grace.

Sometimes, we think we’ve gone too far away from God. Like He’d never take us back, because we’ve messed up so much in life. We’ve travelled down the wrong path, and there’s no way to get on the right one. We figure that because of our failures, our sins, that we are too far gone to be loved by anyone. There’s no turning back, we’re too far gone.

These are all lies.

God still loves you even when you feel completely unlovable. There is hope when you feel hopeless. Although it doesn’t make any sense, God is still there for you even though you may have failed Him continuously. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun shining over the mountains, He is your hope. Even though you’ve failed Him, He’s never failed on you.

He gives more grace.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is such a simple statement. However, before this statement, James talks about people who love the world and how they are enemies of God. Yet, even they aren’t too far gone. But He gives more grace. Even though they’ve failed God, He still gives them grace. God loves each and every one of His children, including you and me. Even though we’re sinful and unlovable, He sees us as beautiful and priceless.

Think for a minute of a toddler learning to walk for the first time. What do the parents do when their child falls after toddling a few steps? Do they laugh and ignore it? No, rather, they help the child up when he/she falls. They still love their child just as much when he/she makes mistakes and trips.

This is what God does with us. When we fail, and come to Him, He helps us up.

God is our Father, our Creator. When we come to Him truly sorry for what we have done, He forgives. It’s not like He’s going to hate us for what we’ve done. He has made us and He loves us.

The Lord’s mercy and grace are brand new on us each morning!

He is the light shining in our darkness. He gives more grace. When we mess up, He still stands there with arms wide open, ready for us to come running to Him, ready for us to change our ways, to go on the right path. He sees the beautiful in all of us, even when we think we’re not beautiful at all.


  • When you stumble and fall and think you’re too far gone, remember God’s grace. Come to Him truly sorry and tell Him what you’ve done and ask for forgiveness. His grace will help you to walk on His path.
  • If you’re walking on His path, and you feel yourself veering to the left and right, ask Him for grace to keep walking on His path and live a radical life. It’s hard, but with His grace it is more than possible.

Photo cred: Jacob Hair https://www.pinterest.com/pin/386324474268982046/




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