The Truth Behind Selfies

There are so many selfies on social media these days. Everywhere we look, it’s like, “here’s my face!” People are constantly taking pictures of themselves and showing them off to the world. I have a question for you.

Here’s the question – is there anything wrong about selfies?

I mean, there’s no harm done when you post a bunch of pictures of yourself, right?

Well, there are some problems with selfies and I’d like to take some time to talk about them in today’s post.

1. They promote self

It’s in the name self-ie. It’s all about YOU. When others see your selfie, they aren’t focused on what they should be (the Lord), but are instead focused in on YOU. The picture basically says “look at ME!!” Lots of times we post selfies because we want attention. However, that’s not a good mindset to have. We shouldn’t ever want to draw attention to ourselves. As Christians, God calls us to draw attention to Him and promote Him with our lives – even on things such as social media! (Matthew 5:16) What people see of you online is so important.

2. They can easily be done with the wrong attitude.

Sometimes we can put up selfies to make ourselves feel better when people comment, “you’re so pretty”, etc. So many people put them up for self-assurance, which is really sad to me. If you struggle with wanting people’s praise, know that God values you and has called you priceless. You don’t need the world’s approval when God’s is the only one that truly matters.

3. We can change ourselves to get approval.

I see so many selfies where beautiful girls I know are over-edited so much that I don’t even recognize them. It makes me sad to think that they don’t see the beauty God has given them and instead are editing themselves to make their own version of beautiful.

We must check our heart behind why we post selfies.

Is it promote ourselves and show others how great we look? Is it to get attention, likes, comments, etc? Do we over-edit to make ourselves the world’s version of beautiful?



  • If you are someone who posts selfies to promote yourself,  ask God if He would transform your heart and take this sin in your life. Use social media to draw others to Christ, not to yourself. Know that promoting yourself won’t matter in the end, but instead, promoting God with your life will be the only thing that matters.
  • If you post selfies to get approval, remember that God’s approval is the only one that matters. Man’s approval will not last long, but when you strive to please God, His approval means everything. Ask yourself, whose applause am I seeking – God’s or man’s?
  • Lastly, if you over-edit yourself to make yourself feel beautiful, remember who created you. God knit you together in your mom’s womb, and you are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:13) When you strive to live for Him, nothing else will matter in life, beauty, status, etc.

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