Redefining Leadership

This post is for and about guys, and I know that a majority of my readers are girls, you can read it also.
Men these days. They are told that their leadership doesn’t matter. Feminism is everywhere, liberation spreading the lies that girls don’t need man’s help.

I have a story for you guys, two stories actually.

One story happened a month or two ago at a lunch party thing. A guy pulled my chair out for me.

Okay, so that sounds really lame once I said it. But seriously, it was an example of chivalry, something that is sadly scarce in our world today.

The next story happened just the other day. We were bringing a keyboard over to a friend’s house and we were carrying it to the door. My friend’s younger brother opened the door and one of the first things he said was, “Oh, can I carry that for you?”

This was so sweet to me, and another great example of chivalry. Things like this remind me that chivalry is still alive. However, when I see other young men and women interacting with each other, it’s a totally different story.

Guys are told that girls don’t need them to lead, instead of being encouraged to lead.

Girls are told to be feminists, and therefore, don’t think they need guys.

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that I appreciate when you lead. Real Christian girls will accept an act of chivalry. You need to rise and be that leader for them. I know it sounds like a big concept, but it can be as small as opening a door for someone, or when you see a girl carrying something, ask them if you can carry it.

Chivalry and leadership may be dying down in the world, but we can make it alive again.

God created men to be leaders. In Genesis 1, He created Adam first and before the women. This was not a mistake. He meant for you to lead. It’s time that we redefine who men are. They aren’t meant to take the place of women, while the women are dominating the relationship.

Guys should be the initiators of relationships. If they aren’t it probably won’t end well.

I just want to encourage you men who are reading this to not be afraid to be chivalrous. I know that the world certainly isn’t doing it, and everyday average girls will be annoyed with you. But remember that being a leader and chivalrous will captivate a real woman’s heart. Waiting for that is worth it. Real, true God-written relationships come from that, even if you have to wait.

And girls, encourage their leadership. Let them open the door for you. If they offer to carry something (even if it’s light) let them carry it. I know that you may have the strength to do it yourself, but if they want to help and you let them, it might just make their day.

Let’s redefine what it means to be a guy.

Here are some qualities that I think a Christian guy should have:

-Strong leader

– Notices when others need help (compassion)

-Can talk about Jesus

-Is captivated by Jesus

-Chases after Jesus and not the world

– Praises God with a whole heart

-Joyful always

-Not easily angered, but knowing how to control it

-Sincere and thoughtful

-Don’t let your emotions overtake and control your actions


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4 thoughts on “Redefining Leadership

  1. I very much agree with you Caitlyn, today many are disregarding their God given Roles as Men and Woman. I have also Posted about God’s Truth in this area, I will leave my link for you, it does confirm what you have shared in your Message but has a different focus, it’s more about the Woman’s role than the Mens but yes still respecting both.

    Godly Woman –

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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