Redefining Femininity

After doing Redefining Leadership last week, I wanted to write a post for you girls out there, and you guys to know what to look for in a girl.

As mentioned in the last post, feminism is a strong influence in our world. God’s design for gender is being thrown out the window, and humans are creating a new design. It’s so twisted we don’t even know God’s design anymore!

First and foremost, I wanted to give ya’ll a scripture: 1 Peter 3:3-4 – Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.  Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. 

This passage, in context, is speaking to wives. So you can easily brush it off if you’re not married and say, “oh, this doesn’t apply to me.” However, we are the bride of Christ and it does apply to us.

One important point I want to make is that as girls we need to pursue purity and only what is Godly.

Our time should be spent pursuing what is righteous and working on our souls. How will we be ready for anything in life if our soul isn’t kept clean and pure? We must guard and look over what we put into our minds and lives and see if it’s Godly.

Another point that I want to make is that being feminine and Godly doesn’t mean we should be tough and not accept help from guys.

We need to be kind and gentle in our spirits, not harsh and rude. Have you ever been around girls who are very loud, or just very tough? It’s not a very beautiful and feminine way of acting. It’s not God’s design. We need to get back to God’s design for gender as the world’s ideas are forming and changing constantly.

Having a gentle and quiet spirit doesn’t mean you just shut up and sit there like a bump on the wall. Here’s what it means to me:

It means surrendering yourself and quieting YOU and letting God speak and be loud through you. This still doesn’t mean your loud and rambunctious, it just means that what you speak uplifts and is praiseworthy.

I want to encourage you girls to pursue purity, and a quiet and gentle spirit. Let the words that you speak only be ones that uplift.

Surrender your heart and your all to Jesus. Let Him take your life, let Him speak through you. Accept acts of chivalry, for that is when true contentment comes. Trying to dominate a relationship rather than letting the guy lead never works.

And be patient in waiting for a guy. For the right one will come when you least expect it. Work on yourself and your walk with Christ 1st and foremost.

And guys, be patient in waiting for a girl whose heart is pure. She is truly worth it. A relationship where both male and female are chasing after God is a beautiful sight that is more than worth the wait.

Let’s chase after God’s design for our genders and show the world what His design is. Trust me when I say that it’s the only way that brings contentment. You may look at the people in the world and think that they are happy and have it all, when inside they are crumbling. Turn the world’s eyes in a new direction – straight to Jesus Christ.

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6 thoughts on “Redefining Femininity

  1. Wow, I loved this post! These are truths that come straight from the Bible, not from your own thoughts or intelligence, and that’s exactly what the feminist movement is trying to do: make their own rules and stray from God’s path.
    If you haven’t already heard of them, I would totally recommend reading the Girl Defined book or their blog. It’s so great and also talks about God’s purpose for girls. 🙂 Your post reminded me of them, so that’s why I brought it up. 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

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  2. Your post was really encouraging and helpful to reflect on. The section on letting the guy lead in the relationship reminded me of a helpful book I read, ‘The Chase’ by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. I totally recommend it. God bless!

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