Update and Questions for Ya’ll

Hey all! This is not an official blog post or anything, but I had a few questions for you all.

First, would my email subscribers be interested in a weekly or monthly newsletter? It’s something I’ve been thinking about, so I’d love to hear your feedback! I’d love to send out an email with encouragement as often as I can (whether monthly or weekly) along with updates and such to keep you posted. 😉 Please give me your feedback and thoughts in the comments!

Also, for those of you who blog (or don’t!) I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog if you’re interested. You can contact me if you are on my contact page:https://youaresaltandlightblog.wordpress.com/about/home/contact/

And if you aren’t interested in doing a guest post, you can still feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or feedback on and about my blog. I love hearing from my readers.

Well, that’s about it! I hope you  all are having a wonderful day!!

  • Caitlyn

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10 thoughts on “Update and Questions for Ya’ll

  1. I would totally love if you had a newsletter, Caitlyn! That would be fun! 🙂 It would be fun to guest post for you, too, sometime in the future, and if you wanted to guest post for me I’d love that too! 🙂
    Thanks for the update!

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      1. Okay, great! I probably won’t be ready to guest post until next month if that’s okay. It depends on whenever inspiration hits and when I’m done with the whole daily posting. 🙂
        ♥♥♥ Laura

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  2. Yes, I’d love to receive a newsletter! Please add my email to your list, if you end up doing it. 😊

    I think I would like to do a guest post at some point for sure…I’m quite busy right now, but when I can I’ll email you! 😊

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  3. I would love a newsletter! Also I would guest blog as well… newer to blogging so would need a bit of explaining about it lol but yes, great idea with the newsletter. It would be great to have God’s encouragement through one of his daughters!

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