Interview with Livy Jarmusch from Crown of Beauty Magazine

Hi ya’ll! I had the oppurunity to talk to Livy Jarmusch from!! Here’s her a’s to my q’s, and when you’re done reading please go check out her amazing websites and various books!! ❤ Check out her blog here

What about writing do you love, like, do you know why you love it so much?
“You know, I really don’t know what it is. I think it’s just one of those things that was just built in to me. You know how the Lord pre-plans you before you’re born, He pre-plans your personality, your gifts, your talents, and I think for writers He puts something unique in us, that desire to want to tell a story.  And I don’t really know why we want to tell a story, other than the fact that the Lord has put that inside us. So, I’ve always loved storytelling, and you can kind of see that weaving throughout the different activities that I do, and that’s why I love music and I love songwriting because you get to tell a story and you get to transport people to another place and time.” She also told me that she loves writing because it really helps her to express herself and that it’s a deep part of her personality. Plus, writing can be used as a tool to shape people’s lives.”There is a quote, I don’t remember who said it, but somebody said ‘the pen is more powerful than the sword’ and I thought that was really good. That is so true, because with your words you can literally shape the way people think and influence people!”
When did you start writing?
“I started writing in Kindergarten (giggles). As soon as I learned how to write, I started to do little stories. I remember in school, cause I used to go to public school until I was in third grade, they’d give you little writing assignments. And I just had a blast. We did a fairy-tale theme and we could come up with these stories. I’ve been writing ever since I learned how to form letters.”
Your book, Secrets of Royalty, can you tell me the story behind it and why you wrote it?
“So, Secrets of Royalty is like a parable or an allegory. The story is that this girl is trapped in a place called the Worthlessness Camp, and it’s just a really dark, negative place and nobody would ever wanna live there. It definitely starts out very depressing, and she obviously needs to be rescued from this place, there’s a lot going on. So the reason that I actually started writing that story is because I had a dream, again this is gonna be long answer (giggles again). Okay, so this was the dream: there were a bunch of girls who walked into a room, and they were all so beautiful and different and unique. Some of them were tall and short, and some of them were different races, and ethnicities, and they were all so beautiful and different I was like, wow, you could see God’s uniqueness on each one of them. It was all so cool! But then, this bad guy walked in, and he started harassing them, and he had them lined up against a wall. He started poking them, and hurting them, and saying terrible things to them. I was like, ‘oh my goodness this is awful!’
The next thing I knew he pulled out a gun and I realized that he was going to kill every single one of them. When I woke up from that dream, that obviously really caught my attention and it reminded me of the Holocaust or something, it was just really really terrible. When I prayed about it, I saw that the Lord was showing me that this is what’s happening in our generation. The enemy is coming in, and all these girls are so beautiful and God’s created them to be so unique and one-of-a-kind, and then the enemy comes in and starts lying to them. He starts poking them with these annoying thoughts and lies about themselves and soon enough they soon believe that they are worthless. They believe that they’re good for nothing other than to just be destroyed or to take their own lives. I felt like I wanted to create a story that kinda reflected that, where we’re all in this place at the beginning (this Worthlessness Camp) and then Jesus, the Prince of the story, comes in and rescues her. He takes her on this journey of transformation of becoming the person that God created her to be. So, the story is really about redemption and about what the Lord has done in my life, but also what He does in all of our lives when He comes in. It’s about what He wants to do in taking us through that process of being His princess daughters.”
Do you have tips for other bloggers?
“Post as often as you can. It really helps when you can be consistent and people know that you will be posting a lot. Sometimes that can be challenging, but I say that so people will they know you’re going to be a reliable source.
“Also, just to be yourself. People really respond when you’re not trying to be like the other bloggers. When you’re just completely yourself and you show the different things that God has put inside of you. People are really drawn to the authenticity of being yourself.

“As far as building a following, or wanting to build your audience, just to connect with other bloggers. That’s super huge. I know if you look on Pinterest at blogging tips and things like that, they always tell you to connect with a community of people and to comment on other blogs, reach out, do guest post, and things like that.”

Tips for those who want to write a book?
“Oh, my goodness (more giggles). I feel like I have so many! I guess kind of the same thing, again, just to be yourself and not worry about following a formula. There are so many suggestions out there and a lot of them are really really good suggestions, but I know for me I can get overwhelmed when you have all these different tips. If you let it flow and just have fun with the story and not worry how it’s going to end necessarily, then later you can go back and make as many changes as you want. You can go back and maybe implement some of those tips.” Actually, Livy told me that with her upcoming novel that is coming out next year, that’s actually what she did! “The first draft wasn’t that great, but I went back and I changed a couple of things that changed the ENTIRE STORY. I implemented some of those tips, from some of those websites.”
Do you have any advice for Christian girls these days living in our lost world?
“Definitely! I think that the biggest thing that I just say bottom line to anyone is to spend time with God. To actually make the effort to be in His Word, and to pray, and to listen to Christian music, and sing worship songs, and to make that effort to be in communication with Him. That is everything. We can do all these other things, and have really good intentions, we can have 10 tips on how to be an amazing Christian, but if we’re not spending time with God, and not keeping the main thing the main thing, then it’s pointless. The Bible says that if you seek Him, you are going to find Him, and that He rewards those who seek Him, so it’s the best thing you could possibly do!”
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Livy Lynn is the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine. She is 23 years old, and loves anything sparkly, anything girly, and Disney princesses. Her hobbies are writing songs, writing, and playing her guitar.  When she was at that point after high school when she didn’t really know what God’s will was for her life, she decided to start this website. Livy used to read American Girl magazine and thought that writing her own magazine would be cool. She started her website in January of 2013, and  By September of that year, she had her first issue out. The purpose of her blog is to connect with girls and let them know how beautiful and wonderful they are. 





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