{ K I N D N E S S } Fruits of the Spirit Series

{ Proverbs 16:24 } Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

{ Proverbs 3:3 } Never let loyalty and kindness leave you!
    Tie them around your neck as a reminder.
    Write them deep within your heart.

Have you ever had someone perform an act of kindness in your life? I believe that we all have, whether it was a big one or a small one.

Think for a minute of a time that someone showed kindness to you, and think about how that made you feel. Whether it was someone speaking words of encouragement to you, or the person in front of you at a restaurant buying your coffee, kindness is something that is beautiful.

Kind words, and kind actions, are truly like honey to our souls.

If you’ve ever tasted honey (or put it in your tea perhaps like I do) you know that it is very sweet.

The above verse is saying that kind words are the same – very sweet. They cheer up our souls and are healthy for us and others to hear.

The other verse above says that we must never lose kindness and loyalty.

I have a good friend and she is so sweet and loyal to me. Whenever I’m around her, she refreshes my soul with her words of life and kindness.

Isn’t that something that all Christians should do? I think that all Christians and believers should strive to speak words of kindness and life, not the opposite.

There was a song that I used to listen to when I was a little kid and it went: encourage one another, and build each other up.

Although it’s a song for children, I believe we can all learn something from those lyrics. We must be striving to be kind each and every day and I want to give you some practical ways to do that. 🙂

– When you see someone who looks sad, down, etc, say hi to them. Whether it be a friend, or someone at the grocery store I encourage you no matter how you feel that day (or about that person) to share a smile and maybe a hi. Take time to notice people around you and to share some love and kindness with them for you may be the only Christian they see.

-Take every opportunity to spread kindness. I was watching Emma Mae Jenkins on youtube the other day and she was saying how we must make the most of every opportunity. Say you see someone at the store reaching to the high shelf but they can’t quite reach and you can. You can go take a minute or two to help them out. Kindness is often a sacrifice that we make to others. Jesus didn’t just be kind when He wanted to – He was always preaching, healing, and working wonders in others lives! I hope and pray that you will follow His beautiful example. Whether it be a big opportunity or a small one, know that when you’re faithful in the small things God will make you faithful in much. (Luke 16:10)

-Lastly, be a good example to others and speak words of life. I know that it can be hard to speak words of life to those who you don’t like. However, if you simply surrender your tongue to Jesus and remember to hold it often and think what would Jesus say then you are on the right track to speaking sweet words to others. Our words show what we feel inside.

Remember to never let kindness leave you. Our goal in this life should be to bring honor and glory to Jesus, for He is so worthy! Pursue being kind every day and when you find you aren’t being kind, ask the Lord for forgiveness and for the wisdom and ability to show and radiate His kindness.

True Godly kindness can only come when we surrender to the God of kindness. ❤

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