{GENTLENESS} Fruits of the Spirit Series

When life happens, it can be so hard to be gentle. When people are mean to us, our automatic response is to be mean back to them. When our mom tells us to do a chore that we don’t particularly like, sometimes (or a lot of the time) we want to back talk her rather than humbly and gently submitting.

{Gentleness} the quality of being kind, tender, or mild-mannered.

I don’t know about you all, but if I’m honest, I’m definitely not always gentle with others. We as humans let the littlest things get us worked up.

However, God calls us to be kind, mild-mannered, and tender. Some of us may claim that being harsh, rude, and not very tender towards others is just “a part of your personality.” But I believe that if God calls us to be gentle, we can all apply that quality to our lives with His help. Here are a few practical ways to apply gentleness.

#1: Being Kind

I know it sounds super basic, but being kind can go such a long way. I want to encourage you just to be more attentive to the needs around you. If someone at the store who is checking you out has a cute necklace, or a neat shirt on, let them know! Trust me ya’ll, one small complement can make someone’s day.

#2: Being Tender

When someone tells you something that is sad to them, be tender and do your best to have empathy and put yourself in their place. Being tender can also go such a long way. Ask God to help you to have empathy towards others and to be tender to how they are feeling each time you see them. Noticing someone’s needs and helping them is something we should strive to do, whether it’s as small as helping someone reach a box of cereal on the high shelf at the store. 🙂

#3: Being Mild-Mannered

Mild-mannered means to be soft and gentle and not to let your emotions overtake you. As you walk through hard times, realize when your emotions start to overtake you. If something sad happens and you are dwelling on sadness too much, come to Jesus and His Word and read verses of praise (such as Psalm 118:24 and Proverbs 17:22). Don’t let your emotions define how you behave – let God’s Word – the TRUTH – define how you behave. So often we let our emotions have too big a place in our lives and act on them, so I want to encourage you to combat your emotions with the rich truth of God’s Word. That way, you can remain gentle and calm no matter what you go through.

I hope that this post was of at least some encouragement to you! I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments and your answer to this question: what was your main takeaway from this post? Meaning, what is the one thing that you learned and took away from this post that struck you the most?



2 thoughts on “{GENTLENESS} Fruits of the Spirit Series

    1. Aww thanks for asking! To me controlling your emotions is by filling your mind with his word. For example when you’re sad meditate on the boy of the Lord and how its your your strength. When you feel your emotions taking control come to God’s word. Don’t let your emotions have control for with God’s help you can overcome!!


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