{ My First Love }

February. As most people call it, the month of love.

So many of us have the wrong view on true love these days. We get caught up in the world’s idea that love should make us feel good, and that it is a feeling that comes and goes.

But I believe that love is something deeper. It is a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, where His love fills us and pours out of us. It’s making Jesus our first love.

Girls and guys, he deserves all your love first and foremost. Before you can ever go into a relationship with a person, you must make sure your relationship with Him is strong. Because if it is not, then you will go into a relationship wanting to serve yourself rather than God, and that’s never a good foundation to build a relationship on.

To purposely put God first and make Him your first love is a very simple concept, but hard to commit to. I think that it starts with having a bible and prayer time { each and every day }.

No matter what your day looks like, making the commitment to spend at least 10 minutes with Jesus is so worth it my friends!

He has given SO MUCH for you can’t you simply give Him some of your time to learn more about Him and how to better live for Him?

Friends, I encourage you this month and in the months to come to make a { fresh commitment } to Jesus as your first love. He deserves all your love, for He has loved you at your darkest! And whether you do or don’t have someone to be with this Valentine’s day, He wants you to know that He loves you more than you will ever begin to know or imagine! He has loved you at your darkest and when you were in sin (Romans 5:8). He gave His very life so that you might have yours (John 3:16)!!!

Meditate on His precious love and I promise you that you won’t feel lonely or empty. Pour out this love to others, whether it’s by sending a sweet note to a relative, giving a friend a gift for V day, or just telling a cashier they look nice today. Spread love this V day and every day and remember whose you are – a loved and priceless child of the King. Purposely choose to make Jesus your first love and you will have no regrets.

How will you live loved? How do you show Christ’s love in big and small ways? Are there any verses you like to read or meditate on when you feel unloved and lonely? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “{ My First Love }

  1. When I’m feeling lonely and unloved, I read Isaiah 41:10. It is a great reminder that God is beside me through it all and is totally omnipotent and caring. I love being able to confidently say that my God is right here with me.


    1. Thanks for asking. I don’t think its necessarily bad to celebrate but I do think it can be taken too far if you are thinking about it too much of putting too much hope in someone you love. I encourage you to spread love this v day and choose to reach out with God’s love. Also remember God’s love is the greatest of all.


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