His Love is { G R E A T E R }

Jesus. He took the burden for you, and for me.
I read the story in Luke last night while listening to some praise music. (An AMAAAZING playlist by @joyfulchristians )One thing stuck out to me- Jesus could have come off of that cross as the men teased him. That would’ve been the easy way to go. He could’ve easily hopped of that cross and saved Himself. { Easily. }
But He chose the hard way. For me and for you. He stayed on that cross. He slowly died a painful death. It was the only way. If He had come off of that cross and saved Himself, but it would’ve meant giving up saving you and me. So He did what He knew He needed to do, even though it took everything He had within Him – He died. He chose to look weak, to look like He couldn’t save Himself for you. It took more strength to die than it did to save Himself.
When Jesus was teased He didn’t say anything. He faced all this punishment for no reason but to make us free. { To save you. }
Personally I hear this a lot but it never soaks in until last night and today. He saw you and said you were worth it. You were to die for.
He saw your sin and didn’t merely cover it but washed it away and made you white as snow. I pray and hope you rest in this truth always not just today. Easter isn’t a time to have one day where we think about Christ’s death but to remind us to praise him year-long for all he’s done. He is faithful. He is just. And he loves you more than you’ll ever know. ❤

Jesus, I pray all who read this post recognize what you did for them. I pray that they wouldn’t just think about it on Easter, BUT EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. I pray that you overtake them with your love. 🙂 ❤

I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right. I see a rose in bloom at the sight of you. OH SO PRICELESS. ~ Jesus

You gave your life, to give me mine. ~ Lauren Daigle

Photo cred: Stock Snap


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