{ To the Single People… }

I am saving my heart for the One. I am leaving my future and love story in His hands for He orchestrates the most amazing love stories this world can dream of.

Despite what many may think/say, I am not saving my heart for my future husband. I am saving it for my true Husband. Jesus.

So many people will say, if you don’t date now while you’re young, how will you get to know someone for later? I personally would much rather be friends with a guy and stay that way my whole life rather than date him and break up and be on odd terms. I don’t want to date now because I’m not ready for marriage. It wouldn’t be worth my time or the time of the guy I’m dating. It wouldn’t be worth it, it wouldn’t be God’s will.

Whenever we try to write our own love stories, that is where we go wrong.

I believe that God has a plan in store for me and for you and dating around won’t help His plan. Whether I ever get married or not that is in His hands. And yes it may be a struggle as I look around me and see people my age and younger dating but I remember this – when God’s in control its all good. It’s more than good – it’s beautiful and magnificent. Sure, I may grow old an “old maid”, but I will be in God’s plan.

I have a question for you: would you rather be married and not living in God’s will, or not married and living in His will? This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never get married but it just means that you’re following Jesus’ plan for you day by day. Living in His will is so much better than living in your own. Don’t try it. It will get you no where. Trust. His. Plan. It’s the only plan that prevails. ❤

Another thing is, I don’t need to worry about pursuing a guy. If/when the right guy comes into my life that will be his part in the relationship. That’s what guys are meant to do-lead. The world will say that girls should pursue the guy cause if they don’t who will?? But you know what? The real men, the true gentlemen, (ya know the guys that make you feel important by holding the door and pulling out your chair and carrying heavy things even though you can) will pursue the girl. There are more gentlemen out there than you think. 1 Peter 3 talks a lot about women being the weaker vessel (sigh, I know sometimes it’s hard with all the feminism around us ;)) and how we must submit to men and let them lead. I love that passage of Scripture.

Despite what the world may say I’m choosing to guard my heart. I hope and pray you’re with me. And if you have dated/gone through breakups in your past remember this: it’s never too late to live in purity. Seek God’s kingdom first and everything else will fall into place. Yes your life will be hard and there will be trials but God goes with you through it all and as you trust Him He will work it all to your good. Even when it may seem otherwise. 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

P.S. A week or so ago Katie Gregoire put up a video on purity that really honestly opened up my eyes to some things. Ya’ll should definitely check it out!

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13 thoughts on “{ To the Single People… }

  1. This is so encouraging! I have always had that ‘oh I like that guy’ thought in my mind and I wished I hadn’t started like that. My parents made it a rule I wasn’t aloud to date till I am 18, so I still have a few years and I am so thankful my parents have done that. Because by the time I am 18 I would be more mature and more thoughtful of what I think God has planned for me in my life.

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  2. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 amen girl!!! just followed your blog (already followed your insta) and I love this post! I especially relate to the part about not needing to pursue a guy because the right one will come along! Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂 blessings!

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  3. Hey caitlyn, I’m happy to tell you that I passed an exam I wrote. I scored 238 out of 400. That’s a great score. I told God i’d give my testimony on salt nd life blog , so here it is. Praise GOD!!!!

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  4. Great post and reminder that God’s in control of our single season! I struggle with it every once in a while because I’m almost 30 and seem to have no prospects but a long time ago I asked God to have my heart and take care of it until He deemed the man that’s fit enough to care for it to come into my life. Ultimately it is Jesus that is my husband and that only He can satisfy my every need! Thanks for this post!

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