// 8 Favorite Blogs of 2017 //

This year, I have found some blogs that I really enjoy reading! In this post I wanted to share several blogs that encourage me and push me closer to Jesus. Without further ado, here are my favorite blogs from 2017…

Salt and Light Girls // by Olivia Scott

I found Olivia’s Instagram account last year because she won a giveaway I was following, oddly enough (God works in awesomeways!) Anyways, at the time she was preparing to launch Salt + Light Girls and was posting about it. I thought it was so neat how we both had blogs that were focused on being salt and light! Throughout this past year of her posting, her blog (and her friendship!!) has been such an encouragement to me. Her posts are challenging and inspiring, and will push you closer to Christ and encourage you to live for Him alone. Not to mention…her blog is super cute and adorable! I love how welcoming it is! It just makes it that much more fun. 🙂 Well, I could probably go on, but I’ll just say, please go check out her blog. 😉 (I’ll be having a guest post on her blog soon, so that’s exciting!)

Truly Beautiful // by Abby Rose

I met Abby over Instagram about a year ago as well! She and her blog are always so full of encouragement and joy that comes from Jesus. She always inspires me to choose joy, in whatever season of life I might be in. Every post Abby writes has encouraged and inspired me, whether it be in my worth from God, or to go out and live a life of love for Jesus. I love how she writes both encouraging messages that remind you who you are in Christ, but also challenging messages to remind you to live a life for God alone. I think that it’s a really awesome balance. Her blog and Instagram are both so so encouraging and I highly encourage to you go check them out!

The Modern Abolitionist // by Halee Westbrook

This blog is run by another girl who I connected with over Instagram. I really love the mission of this blog, and that is to encourage teens and young adults to rise above culture mediocrity and live the set-apart lives they were called to live. Halee posts on multiple topics, including how to have Godly relationships and what that looks like, how to be productive, how to stay strong in Jesus throughout your teen years, and more. I really love her blog and I know you will too!

Cheerful Chit-Chats // by Emma Mae Jenkins

Emma Mae is the person I think of when I think of Godly joy and radiance. Emma is SO full of the Lord, and it shines out of her in every Instagram post, Youtube video, and blog post! She posts more frequently on her Instagram, but her blog and Youtube are super inspiring as well!! I KNOW that you will be inspired and challenged to live a more joyful and unashamed and loving life after checking out Emma’s blog or social media. Go check out Emma!

Create in Me Blog // by Faye

Faye has such a beautiful blog! It’s so pretty and not to mention full of some awesome blog posts! Today’s post was actually inspired by her’s! Her writing is so inspiring and encouraging, and she also posts fun things like recipes, devotionals, + music suggestions! She has an awesome heart for Christ and you should totally go check out her blog. 🙂

Girl Defined // by Kristen Clark + Bethany Baird

A friend told me about Girl Defined this time two years ago. It was a post on New Year’s Goals, and it really challenged me to set some goals for 2016! Since then, I’ve loved reading their blog (and their book which came out last year!) as well as watching their Youtube videos. I love their heart and mission behind this ministry – that is, to help girls realize what being a girl means in a world full of feminism and lies. In a world full of lies, their blog has so much amazing truth and it’s so awesome to see that! I know that their blog will inspire you and challenge you to live to a higher standard.

Joyfully Adventurous // by Jessi

I love Jessi’s blog and the truth in each post! Like all the other girls I’ve mentioned, Jessi has a heart to honor the Lord and that is evident in her blog. Her blog is also SUPER gorgeous, because she is a very talented photographer. So not only are her words beautiful, but her blog is as well! I’m encouraged by her blog and you should go check it out!

Rise on Fire // by PD van der Westhuizen

PD has an amazing ministry that has encouraged me so so much in my walk with the Lord. His Youtube videos are always so challenging yet inspiring for me, and never fail to push me closer to God. He has a website too, which I linked above; however, I don’t follow his website haha. I have been following his Youtube for the past few months since some good friends told me about it, and recently followed his Facebook page. Both have been so encouraging and I seriously cannot encourage you enough to go check them out! It’s really changed my outlook on certain things and it’s been super awesome following this ministry.

Well, that’s my 8 favorite blogs/ministries from this year! They weren’t in any specific order, all are super amazing and equally inspiring!


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