5 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Today’s post is by the awesome Kenyetta Hudson, founder of Virtue Boxes! In this post, she shared 5 awesome tips on starting your own business! I hope you’re encouraged and inspired by what she shared.

Since I was a young girl, I have always found myself being very creative and a problem solver. I was very much a self-taught learner and very hands on, as I still am to this day. I was so creative in a sense where I would build doll houses using card board boxes and make dresses for Barbie’s using random pieces of fabrics. I enjoyed the challenge and developing the skill-set to learn how to do things myself.

When beginning college at the age of 19, my academic adviser highly recommended considering business as a major because becoming an entrepreneur was my overall goal. While attending college, I had the opportunity of connecting with many aspiring business men and women. Some were founders of mobile app companies, restaurants, fashion brands, blogs etc. Because of this I felt even more motivated to achieve my dreams of becoming a business woman.

The idea of Virtue Box came about when I was 23 years old, and after a year of research and planning, the brand was ready to be launched. I very much had an interest in subscription boxes for a few years prior to releasing Virtue Box. However, I thought it would be incredibly unique to create a spiritual based subscription service for women of God with its own edge. I would be delighted to share with aspiring entrepreneurs as yourself (5) key tips on how to get your business up and going!

  1. Identifying God Given Talent

We have each been blessed by God with multiple gifts to share with the world in a way that will please Him. Accepting who you are as a unique individual created in God’s perfect image will be the starting point of your journey. Spiritual gifts and talents come in many forms and can be used in such a meaningful way. Possibly consider your very own hobbies as a potential business. You can be an awesome planner, designer, coach, writer, communicator, etc.

Remember, you yourself were created by the divine Creator Himself. There is never a need to compare you to anyone. What God has for your life is pre-destined, meaning He has your entire life planned out. This includes your career, relationships, and experiences. Have faith, trust in God and allow Him to lead the way. He is your ultimate guide!

  1. Getting Started!

Consider building a business that you will not only operate daily, but which also reflects who you are as an individual. There is nothing more exciting than turning hobbies or interests into an exciting company to share with others. Seek inspiration from brands or people who inspire you.

Creating a vision board can be very useful. Gather your ideas within a journal to which you’ll need to form an official business plan. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out right away. As your business continues to grow, your knowledge will also grow. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • What is the solid purpose for the business?
  • How does my brand reflect who I am?
  • Who will be the target audience of company?
  • What do I wish to achieve in making people aware of this brand?
  • How will the business differ from other brands which are similar?
  1. Seek a Support Group

You know what is just as exciting as creating a brand? Having a team full of supporters! Your support group can vary from friends, relatives, business professionals, etc. Depending on the type of company you are starting, you may like to consider if it’s best to have business partners or act as the head of the company yourself.

I also strongly advise you to seek a mentor, possibly someone who is familiar with the industry you’re interested in. Surround yourself with people you can trust with confidential information and will be there when the times get tough. Support one another’s ideas and help uplift one another. We live in a world where many people can be untrustworthy, selfish or even become jealous of others accomplishments. Don’t let this be the case for you. God has so much that He wants to bless you and others with using this company!

  1. Planning & Budgeting

So now, you’re ready to start a business, and know whom you’d like to work with.  Now it’s time to get into the motion. With the use of a business plan strategizing the overall goals for your brand will come into use. You too want to map out what the costs of beginning your business will be and how you wish to obtain the finances.

I’ll give you an inside tip. I personally decided not to take out any bank loans or seek outside investors for Virtue Box, period. With built up savings and tax refund checks I was able to meet the starting costs for the brand. In this way I don’t have to worry about paying money back or giving a percentage of my company’s earnings to another.

Take some time to think about what financial steps will be necessary for you. Maybe consider taking a part-time job and save those checks strictly for your business or even have a set amount of money to save monthly. Again, with the help of a business strategist or mentor you will find much assistance in these areas.

  1. Take Advantage of Resources

Often times, people think they should spend a good amount of money to market a business, or pay for branding such as logos, web and graphic design etc. These are minor things that you shouldn’t break the bank trying to do. Focus more on the mission and the product itself you are promoting. We are truly the social media generation! Use this free source to reach your audience and build connections. I simply used my Iphone, and a point and shoot digital camera to create posts for social networking sites.

Also, rather than to wait around for customers to come to you, go to them. Become active within your community by getting involved in churches, organizations, and events where your audience may be in attendance. There is nothing more special than forming a face to face connection with potential clients.

I hope you found these tips useful and motivating to get your business going. There is nothing to worry about. Regardless of your age, or personal circumstances, by the grace of God you can do all things. I myself still have much to learn when it comes to operating a business. I strongly encourage you to begin working on the special project that God has placed inside of you to share with the world. May He bless you tremendously!

Thanks so much Kenyetta for sharing this wisdom with my blog readers today! I loved your advice and know it will encourage others. 🙂

About the author


Hey there! Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Kenyetta, the Founder and CEO of Virtue Box. I gave my life to Christ when I was just eight years old and have always had a heart to serve others. As a lover of lifestyle and beauty products, I was motivated to create a unique box for women of God.

Visit her website! https://kenyetta-hudson-5k3j.squarespace.com/

Social Media: @virtueboxes


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