Encouraging Resources

Hello friends! I wanted to share some helpful & encouraging resources for you in your walk with the Lord. It can be tough to stay on the path of righteousness and wisdom, and I have found that reading Christian blogs/books/etc helps and encourages me as I seek Yahweh! Obviously, resources, no matter how encouraging, can never take the place of God and His word – He and the Bible are our primary source of wisdom. Resources should be used secondarily to the Word and His wisdom. With that said, here are some of my favorite encouraging Christian resources!

Blogs & Websites

Torah Sisters Magazine (& blog) is such an encouraging and fun ministry! If you keep Torah and are a young lady/teen girl, or even an older women, you will love this ministry. It is more focused towards mothers, but I have found very fun resources on their website and love what they’re doing with this ministry. Definitely go check them out!

Girl Defined is an amazing and very encouraging ministry for girls and young women. They help us girls to understand what it means to be a girl defined by God, how to go about romance in a God-honoring way, sexual identity defined by God, and so much more. Their posts are practical, very Biblically based, and fun. Go check out their ministry and their 3 AMAZING books!

Land of Honey has been very encouraging and helpful to me in understanding the Biblical feasts and Torah. It’s a SUPER fun and encouraging blog, and I just adore it! Full of so many fun tips as well as helpful and Biblical encouragement, it’s definitely one of my favorite blogs. 😉

Truly Beautiful

A Blog To Encourage Every Young Lady To Become { Truly Beautiful } In Christ

Truly Beautiful is a blog and ministry by my dear friend Abby Rose. She shares so much helpful and Biblical encouragement for us girls in pursuing God first and foremost, knowing our value from Him, and in walking in purity in all areas of life! Go check out her blog and ministry!



Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis Majors

Kisses from Katie is such a wonderful book. It is one of my top favorite non-fiction books of all time. When I read it, I cried a couple of times because the stories in it were that touching. Katie’s encouragement in loving others and shining Christ, even just to one person, was so challenging and encouraging. I highly recommend this book to all Christians.

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Order the book here.

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke

Oh my goodness, ya’ll, this book is SO GOOD. Tony writes in such an honest, convicting manner that I love and appreciate. He gets right to the point of how our phones are subtly changing our mindsets and lifestyles, with a Biblical perspective. This book challenged me and I was very encouraged. I highlighted plenty of lines and folded over so many pages. DEFINITELY go check it out!

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Order the book here.

Sex, Purity, & the Longings of a Girl’s Heart by Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal

This book is one of my FAVORITES. Kristen & Bethany cover so many topics concerning sex, sexual struggles/identity, what real purity is, etc. I found this book refreshing and helpful as these girls helped me expand my knowledge of God’s word on the topics of sex & purity. Highly recommend this book to you more mature girl readers!!

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Order the book here.

Love Defined by Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal

Love Defined is a terrific book all about, you guessed it, love and romance! Kristen & Bethany give amazing Biblical insight into what God says about love and His amazing design for it. I loved this book and found it very encouraging in my view of romance and relationships!

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Order the book here.


The Tales of Tarsurella by Livy Jarmusch

Where do I even begin? This series is my absolute favorite ever. It has action, adventure, romance, royalty, and Biblical truths, all packed into one! Plus, the characters are loveable, and relatable, and just plain amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this series to girls in their upper teens and older!

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Book one on Amazon.

Book two on Amazon.

Book three on Amazon.

Regal Hearts series by Livy Jarmusch

Regal Hearts is such a fun series that is written like a television show! It is about 4 twin sisters who are daughters of royalty, separated at birth, who are, at the age of 16, finding out about each other and their special position! There’s action, adventure, fun, some romance, and, of course, Biblical truths. I love how creative this series is and how much action there is!

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Order season one here.

Order season two here.

Porch Swing Girl by Taylor Bennett

Porch Swing Girl is a fun tale of a girl named Olive who is going through a tough transition. She has just lost her mother, and her dad sends her and her younger sister to temporarily live with their grandma in Hawaii. She wants to stop her dad from potentially throwing everything that belonged to her mother away, so she frantically tries to make money to fly back to her home state. Along the way, she makes friends & grows stronger in her faith.

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Order the book here.

YouTube Channels

Coffee & Bible Time

I’ve been following Coffee and Bible Time for a few years now, and they are so encouraging and inspirational (and one of the reasons I started my own Youtube channel!). They do SUPER FUN lifestyle videos, share Christian girl resources/products they like using, in-depth Bible studies, and more. If you’re a Christian girl or young lady, definitely check out their ministry!

Rise on Fire

I started to watch Rise on Fire and his videos because my friends suggested him to me a couple years ago. He has helped me so much in understanding the Biblical feasts, Sabbath, and the Biblical meaning behind those things, and how the Bible works together as one unit, and is all applicable. (I will note that he has a video on women being allowed to teach/have authority in church which I don’t wholly agree with, as I don’t believe in women being pastors/preaching to men, but I find many of his videos to be solid and helpful.)

Rabbi Schneider

Rabbi Schneider has some very helpful videos on fighting Satan/demons and anxiety, on the end times, and other helpful topics. He presents very Biblical arguments in a loving way for various topics that we often wonder about or struggle with.

Girl Defined

Have I already said how much I love Girl Defined? I’ll say it again! They also have a Youtube with some very AMAZING, revelant, and Biblical videos. They recently started implementing more vlog-style videos into their channel as well, which has been super fun to watch. I just adore their hearts to honor God and their videos that tackle tough topics in the Word and world.


Rivers & Robots is one of my top favorite bands. Their latest album, Discovery, is my absolute favorites. All of the songs on there are Biblically based and always draw me closer to the Father.

Shane & Shane are another one of my all-time favorites. They cover many Chrsitian songs as well as sing their own music. Their “Hymns” and “Psalms” albums are AMAZING.

Joshua Aaron makes music that is genuinely worshipful, upbeat, and super fun to listen to and play!

Rend Collective‘s music is like Jesus celeration! I love how cheerful, rejoice-ful, and genuinely worshipful their music is. It uplifts my heart and brings joy to my soul as I focus on God’s glorious goodness, blessings, and the freedom He brings!

Phil Wickham is AMAZING. His music is raw, genuinely worshipful, and purely beautiful. It always humbles me and points me to Yah. I especially love his song Anthem // Great Are You Lord.

For more worship music, check out my favorite worship songs playlist on Spotify.


Set-Apart Girl Podcast

Set-Apart Girl is a wonderful ministry, and I especially love and have enjoyed their podcast. Leslie Ludy, who runs this ministry, discusses many helpful topics for women – marriage & relationships, seeking God when He feels distant, humility, etc. Love this podcast! Check out their website as well for other encouraging resources, and Leslie’s books and magazine.

Revive our Hearts Podcast

Revive our Hearts podcast is a wonderful podcast that covers many helpful and encouraging topics for us Christian girls and women! Very Biblical and encouraging. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, who runs the ministry, is a very wonderful woman of God.