Blogs I Follow

Below are the blogs that I read & recommend! The majority are by friends of mine, or people who I have been able to connect with online. All of them are very encouraging and awesome! Without further ado here they are… (he does really awesome Bible study posts)

Nation Reversed (he does great posts on living set apart for God!) (she does posts on Christian living!) (really good posts on the Christian life and also on her writing!)

Quintessentially Living (amazing posts on Christian living and also fun journal prompts!)

Lead Me to Wisdom (posts on Christian views on life and other things!)

Chronicles in Bloom (she does more random posts, lifestyle, and other fun things :))

Create in Me (she does amazing posts on Christian lifestyle, baking, dogs, and music!)

Writer Ramblings and Things

& The Modern Abolitionist (both of these blogs belong to Halee, and the first is on writing/book reviews, and the second is all about rebelling against low expectations on teens!)

Cheerful Chit-Chats (Emma Mae has such a sweet heart and her blog is so encouraging!)

Joyfully Adventurous (Jessi has such a sweet heart and always shares encouraging things on her blog)

Truly Beautiful

& Lovely Letters (both blogs by Abby Rose. The first is an encouragement blog for young ladies, and it’s always so so inspiring and encouraging! The second is for her amazing letter ministry)

Jacob Hair IV (his blog has encouraging poems and posts!)

Girl Defined (this ministry is all about encouraging girls to live out their gender the way God created them too and be devoted to Him!)