The Rebellion Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

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I have been SO BLESSED to be a part of the amazing Livy Jarmusch’s launch teams for her past couple of books in the series, The Tales of Tarsurella. I helped proofread the first book in this series, The Coronation (the first book in the series), and then was a part of the blog tour last year (for my review of that book, click here).

Now, I was able to pre-read The Rebellion (book 2 in the series) and share my thoughts with you all today! I was SO excited to hear that Livy was having a tour and would let me read her book FOR FREE! Seriously, I’m not just saying this because Livy told me to. Her books are full of so much fun yet depth and are God-focused, and I love this series.


~ Summary ~

“Vanessa Bennett lands her dream job working at the Palace in Tarsurella. She struggles to balance everything on her plate: life in a new country, stressful deadlines, crabby co-workers, college classes at the local University, and blossoming feelings of romantic adoration toward her boss–King Addison. Keeping up with her To-Do list, while trying to earn respect in Addison’s male-dominated administration, presents its challenges. Nevertheless, she can’t help but fight a reoccurring thought and the excitement rising with it: is Addison interested in her?

Addison is adjusting to his new role as King. Rumors of a rebellious uprising among the youth in Tarsurella intensifies, as acts of violence and protest break out across the city. Addison is determined to uncover the hidden instigator who fearlessly blogs democracy-driven ideals with a secretive pen name. Will Addison discover and expose the fiery rebellion leader? Or will his efforts fail to stop the rebellious thoughts spreading like wildfire, causing a heartbreaking rift in his divided nation?”

It’s funny, I’m not really a big fan of fiction. In my opinion, there’s not a lot of good options for fiction books for young adult women to read these days.

Then…I read The Coronation and The Rebellion. They are both fantastic tales, with amazing characters and even more amazing morals and lessons sprinkled in between! I’m totally not just saying that. I genuinely love these books.

This book focuses on so many different characters, but mostly on Addison and Vanessa, and their relationship. I love how Livy shows how their relationship is based on Christ and the guidance of their parents, and also shows the ups and downs along the way. the two characters have their adorable sappy moments, but they also have their arguments, which I appreciate.

This book is also about how there is a rebellion in the English town of Tarsurella right after Addison has been crowned king. This causes much confusion and havoc, and some disagreements and arguments.

This book has amazing morals on family, relationships, and trusting God. It shows the good times and the trials in the characters lives, and the questions they are forced to ask about others and life. It has super sweet moments, and moments that will keep you on your toes. I was captivated by the tale just as I was by The Coronation and I read it pretty quickly. 😉

There truly was not a moment where I thought, “ugh this is so boring!” Livy writes in a way that will make you want to keep reading! The way she takes so many characters and ties them all together into one story is spectacular, and I honestly don’t know how she does it so well!

The Rebellion was a five star book. The characters are well-developed and down-to-earth, the story line whimsical yet realistic, and the morals focused on Jesus and honoring Him. Livy has done it once again with another wonderful book!

Last but NOT least, as you probably saw in the title, we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!!! Livy is giving away an autographed copy of The Coronation, the first book in the series! I’m reading this book for the 3rd time and it’s still so amazing and wonderful! I loved reading it even more the second time and rereading all my favorite parts! Its my favorite fiction book besides The Rebellion. 😉

To enter the giveaway, click here! If you are a girl or young lady, I think you’ll enjoy reading this book! Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you can enter and give it to a friend or family member!

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. // winners are Allison Tebo and Gracelyn Buckner!

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