Finding Abundant Life in Christ

It’s currently Sunday as I am starting to write this, and this blog post will, Lord willing, be going up this upcoming Tuesday (edit, it’s up Thursday). Normally I don’t write posts this last minute, but life has been pretty crazy lately.

Anywho, with that said, today’s post is going to be a bit more raw than most of my posts. I want to share some things that God’s been teaching me lately about finding abundant life in Him. Let’s go!

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Regal Hearts Season One Book Review

Four sisters. Oh, and they also happen to be princesses, except they don’t know that yet. Also, they don’t even know that they have sisters…

Regal Hearts is the tale of these four girls. They were separated at birth when the King & Queen of Bella Adar, their parents, were brutally murdered by a ruthless man named Raymond. The girls are separated to keep them safe, and, in this series, are now finding out who they and their sisters are. Livy Jarmusch writes this series in a unique, TV-series style, which makes the series interesting and feel like you’re watching a TV show!

Today I’m sharing my review of season one, the first “book” in the series. Let’s go!

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Interview With Author & Blogger Livy Jarmusch

Today on Salt & Light Blog we have a special treat. Livy Jarmusch, YA author, blogger, singer, Youtube-er, and a super sweet human being answered some questions for a fun interview!

I heard about Livy almost 3 years ago through her website, Crown of Beauty Magazine. Since then, I’ve been part of numerous blog tours & book teams with her. It has been so much fun to work with this girl, read her many amazing books, and get to know her awesome self along the way!

Recently, Livy released a blogging course called Fire Starter. I was privileged to be able to preview the course before it came out. I wasn’t able to get through all of it in time for this post, but what I did go through was amazing. I’ve blogged for 2 going on 3 years now, but her tips and tricks were so helpful & inspiring! Livy offers amazing advice & encouragement.

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3 Tips for Finding Contentment in Christ Alone (Purity Series pt. 5)

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Contentment in God alone can be tough to focus on in your daily life, ya feel me? We have so many distractions, and guys can easily be one of them. It’s easy for us girls to be so focused on guys or things of this world, that we place our hope and contentment in things other than the Lord.

The truth is, only God can satisfy our hearts. When we place our hope in other things, we’ll always be dissatisfied.

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Why It’s Important to Pray for Your Future Husband (Purity Series pt. 4)

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Praying for your future husband is something that is so exciting and wonderful for us as single women to do. We get to pray for the one that we’ll one day be married to, and already honor him, although we haven’t entered into a relationship with him yet.

Why is it important to pray for your future husband, you might wonder? Well, there’s a few reasons why, and I want to share them with you today.

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5 Tips for Having God-Honoring Friendships with Guys (Purity Series pt. 3)

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Guy friendships can be complicated – it can be tough to know how far into the friendship we can go before travelling down a road that could lead us to having unwanted feelings for each other/being in sinful or tempting situations.

I believe guy friendships are wonderful & important. However, I also believe there’s a balance that we, as Christian girls and young women, need to strive for. We shouldn’t refrain from guy friendships altogether because they’re too complicated, and we shouldn’t have super tight-knit guy friendships who we share everything with, because that can lead to intimacy that neither of us intended for.

What is this balance? Well, it’s different for everyone, and please don’t think I’m trying to force you to legalistically follow these boundaries. In this post, I want to dig into a few ways to have God-honoring friendships with guys. Let’s go!

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