The Importance of Loving Others

Reaching out and showing love is what we are all called to do as Christians and servants of God. However, we oftentimes miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. The girl that sits alone at lunch. The moody person checking you out at your local grocery store. The old lady that looks … Continue reading The Importance of Loving Others


// The Dangers of Peer Pressure + Going With the Flow //

The past month or two I've been seeing lots of chain posts on social media and it's reminded me of something that is very dangerous - peer pressure + going with what is socially accepted or deemed as "normal." Most of the time these days people don't see the danger in going with the flow … Continue reading // The Dangers of Peer Pressure + Going With the Flow //

// Replacing Temporal Happiness with Lasting Joy //

Happiness and joy. Is there really a difference between the happiness this world offers, and the joy found in Jesus? There is - a huge difference. I want to explore in this post the difference between the two and why the happiness of this world is merely a counterfeit of the joy Yahweh offers. Happiness. … Continue reading // Replacing Temporal Happiness with Lasting Joy //

// Why I’m Not Celebrating Easter //

I've celebrated Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) my whole life. When I was younger I loved getting candy each year in a cute lil' basket, and as I got older I saw the beautiful meaning behind Easter - Christ dying for me to set me free. However...something has changed now. I found out a couple years … Continue reading // Why I’m Not Celebrating Easter //

// How to Walk in Obedience + Know God’s Voice //

Obedience isn't always easy, in fact, it's usually easier said than it is done. Sometimes God calls us out beyond the shore and into the waves, and what we do in response to that is so important. If we choose to follow Him, we will find a freedom and liberty like never before. If we … Continue reading // How to Walk in Obedience + Know God’s Voice //

// 5 Ways to Use Social Media for the Glory of God //

I did a little experiment recently. I went and browsed a few of my Facebook friends profiles, not to stalk them, but to see if I could tell they were a Christians by what they posted on Facebook. The results were sad, but they didn’t really surprise me. Most of my friends maybe posted about … Continue reading // 5 Ways to Use Social Media for the Glory of God //

// Savoring Single Book Review //

Recently I had the opportunity to read Savoring Single by Shelley Black, and it as very encouraging! I wanted to share my thoughts with you all today and encourage you, if you are a single girl, or know a single girl who would benefit from this message, to go check out the book! Let's get … Continue reading // Savoring Single Book Review //

// Living to Please God Alone //

Oftentimes, we follow the ways of this world, even doing things that could cause harm to ourselves or others. We do this so we can receive acceptance and affirmation from those around us, and don't seem to notice how wrong it can be. I recently heard about the trend of eating tide pods (aka little … Continue reading // Living to Please God Alone //

// Answering the Call //

The Lord is calling each & every one of His children to live for Him at a deeper level, to use what He has given us for His glory, and to have an eternal impact on the lives of those around us. You, my friend, have so much potential. You are called to let the … Continue reading // Answering the Call //

// Undone //

When you cried out from the garden, let Your will be done, not mine. When You took the weight of my mistakes, so I don’t have to fight ’em. Now I let the sun rise on every scar and every sign, of when You took this bruised and dying soul and breathed it back to … Continue reading // Undone //