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Cultivating a Heart of Thankfulness

Giving thanks is something most of us (in the U.S. anyways 😉 ) are thinking of this time of year. I honestly LOVE Thanksgiving. Watching the Macy's day parade, being with my family, and eating too much delicious food makes me happy. 🙂 . As much as we love the day of Thanksgiving, "thanksgiving" is… Continue reading Cultivating a Heart of Thankfulness

Christian Writing

How to Live Life Wisely and to the Fullest

Life is short. It's not something we like to think about, but it's something we should all think about and even discuss more often. I think that if we all knew when we'd die, we would live differently. My question for you, today, is: how are you living the life you've been given? Are you… Continue reading How to Live Life Wisely and to the Fullest