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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Before I get into this, I want to say, I know that this is a very controversial message; I am in no way trying to bash anyone or force my convictions on you. 🙂 God has given me these convictions & view on Christmas according to His Word, & it's something I'm passionate about and… Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

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Why I am Pro-Life

926,000 abortions were made in 2014. (source) In that same year, 19% of pregnancies (miscarriages not included) ended in abortion. From the abortion rates in 2014, one in 20 women will have an abortion by age twenty, about one in five by age thirty, and about one in four by the age of fourty-five. (source)… Continue reading Why I am Pro-Life

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4 Tips For When You Have a Crush

Ah, crushes. They affect us whether we are 13 and just noticing boys, as well as when we get older. When we reach the teenage years or so, we begin to notice guys in a new light - we see certain qualities about them that we admire, and crushes can easily develop. It can be… Continue reading 4 Tips For When You Have a Crush

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3 Things to Remember When You’re Grieving

What do you do when grief comes in, when it feels like everything comes crashing down around you? We all face grief at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we find joy and hope in Jesus when darkness comes in and seems to steal our joy? It can be so easy… Continue reading 3 Things to Remember When You’re Grieving

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4 Encouraging Reminders for All Students

Back to school season is upon us! School can be so stressful. I had my first, and thankfully only, anxiety attack several months into my freshman year of high school, because it was harder than I had expected. I felt like I wouldn't be able to keep up. So, I get it, school can be rough.… Continue reading 4 Encouraging Reminders for All Students

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How to Have God-Honoring Relationships with Your Family

Relationships can be super tricky. Whether they are friendships, family relationships, or romantic relationships, I'm sure you have faced some struggles with relationships at one point or another. I wanted to do a series on how to have God-honoring relationships with those around us - family, friends, and romantic relationships! The goal of this series… Continue reading How to Have God-Honoring Relationships with Your Family

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Tips on Studying God’s Word

Studying the Word of God can be very daunting - with 66 books, 31,102 verses, it can be overwhelming. In this post I want to talk about some simple ways to dig deep into the Word of God. If you have never read the Bible before, I encourage you to find a plan to go… Continue reading Tips on Studying God’s Word

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// The Dangers of Peer Pressure + Going With the Flow //

The past month or two I've been seeing lots of chain posts on social media and it's reminded me of something that is very dangerous - peer pressure + going with what is socially accepted or deemed as "normal." Most of the time these days people don't see the danger in going with the flow… Continue reading // The Dangers of Peer Pressure + Going With the Flow //