Finding Abundant Life in Christ

It’s currently Sunday as I am starting to write this, and this blog post will, Lord willing, be going up this upcoming Tuesday (edit, it’s up Thursday). Normally I don’t write posts this last minute, but life has been pretty crazy lately.

Anywho, with that said, today’s post is going to be a bit more raw than most of my posts. I want to share some things that God’s been teaching me lately about finding abundant life in Him. Let’s go!

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3 Tips for Finding Contentment in Christ Alone (Purity Series pt. 5)

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Contentment in God alone can be tough to focus on in your daily life, ya feel me? We have so many distractions, and guys can easily be one of them. It’s easy for us girls to be so focused on guys or things of this world, that we place our hope and contentment in things other than the Lord.

The truth is, only God can satisfy our hearts. When we place our hope in other things, we’ll always be dissatisfied.

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Why It’s Important to Pray for Your Future Husband (Purity Series pt. 4)

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Praying for your future husband is something that is so exciting and wonderful for us as single women to do. We get to pray for the one that we’ll one day be married to, and already honor him, although we haven’t entered into a relationship with him yet.

Why is it important to pray for your future husband, you might wonder? Well, there’s a few reasons why, and I want to share them with you today.

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My Word of the Year 2019

As 2018 came to a close and 2019 was quickly approaching, I got to thinking about what God would have my word of the year be. A simple, yet profound word came to mind – love.

When you look up the word love on, the first definition says:
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

I want to have a profoundly passionate affection for the Lord that truly changes my life. I want to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I want to spend more time with Him, in prayer, in His Word, and in worship, fueling that love for Him to grow and fanning the flame in my heart.

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7 Books I Enjoyed in 2018

As 2018 began, I set a goal to read 5-7 good Christian books. I ended up reading 10 books (fiction and non-fiction), which surprised me! I was so blessed to be part of a few book teams and pre-read books for people, which allowed me to find new amazing books & read them for free. In 2018 I read some good books & wanted to share my favorites with you today! Let’s go…

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