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3 Things to Remember When Someone Hurts You

Giving grace to others is not an easy thing. People say and do things that are unimaginable and cruel. People leave, people reject, people HURT. Yet, God calls us to FORGIVE. Wow, is that radical. In my life so far, I have yet to have someone be very mean to me or bully me, praise God.… Continue reading 3 Things to Remember When Someone Hurts You

Christian Writing

The Importance of Loving Others

Reaching out and showing love is what we are all called to do as Christians and servants of God. However, we oftentimes miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. The girl that sits alone at lunch. The moody person checking you out at your local grocery store. The old lady that looks… Continue reading The Importance of Loving Others

Christian Writing

Waiting For Love

I've done a lot of posts explaining my opinions on things and the way God has shown me to view things, but I realized I've never done a post on guy-girl relationships and my thoughts on that. Therefore, here is this post! 😉 It's a common thing to see Christian people saying that they are… Continue reading Waiting For Love